5 Tips for Matching Your Shades to Your Décor

Here at Custom Window Décor of Jupiter, your best choice for blinds in Jupiter, Florida, we know how hard it can be to match your shades to the décor of your home. Your shades should blend seamlessly into your décor and enhance the beauty of your room and windows. Here are five easy and helpful tips to help you match your shades to your décor.

1. Pick a Theme

This may seem like a very obvious tip but it is incredibly necessary for your shades to look their best in your home. Really think about the style you want your room to present to anyone who enters your home. Ask yourself questions about your style preferences, like what styles appeal to you? Modern? Natural? Bright? Elegant? Do you like bold colors? Are neutral colors more your taste? Do you have a specific design trend in mind? After you have decided the overall tone you want for the room, it will be much easier to decorate accordingly.

2. Pick Your Colors Wisely

Choosing the color of your shades is the next most important thing for matching your shades to your décor. If you have listened to step 1, then you should already have a theme for your room, which will help with this decision. If you are bold and daring, choose a color to match that side of you. Don’t be afraid to try a unique color on your roller shade or roman shade if it fits into the style you are aiming for. If you are not 100% certain about a bold color stay with a neutral color scheme and include colors elsewhere in your room.

3. Textures and Patterns

If color isn’t your thing, consider choosing a shade that utilizes unique patterns or textures to add some life to your room. Woven woods, roman shades, and roller shades are all great choice for adding textures and patterns to your space. By adding subtle patters and textures that match the theme of your décor you can bring a little life to your window treatments and really liven up your space without feeling too overwhelmed with a solid color.

4. Drapery

Another great option for making your shades match your décor is to add draperies and valances to enhance both your shades and your room’s style. Rather you chose a neutral shade or a bold shade, drapery can give your décor that extra sparkle. Here at Custom Window Décor of Jupiter we are proud to offer custom drapery and can help you choose the perfect design to add beauty and functionality to your room.

5. Accent Colors

Lastly, don’t forget to add accent colors and decorations to your room. Keep your décor alive and keep your shades from looking out of place by incorporating colors that are similar throughout your room. Accent colors can really tie a room together and give your space a cohesive flow.

If you are ready to choose a shade that is perfect for your home and décor, contact the experts at Custom Window Décor of Jupiter and we will help you make the best choice for your home!