Hinge Placement and Operating Styles for Shutters

One of the most undeniably appealing features you can add to your windows is the timeless beauty of plantation shutters. Offering an elegant yet traditional appearance, plantation shutters are perfect for those seeking a classic window treatment with modern flair. Modern shutters come in a variety of styles that make them very versatile. Check out the latest operating styles for Hunter Douglas plantation shutters and how each can help bring new life to your windows.

Bypass Track

If you find yourself frequently using your window treatments, then the Bypass Track system for your plantation shutters is the perfect solution. This durable system is constructed with the idea that your window treatments will be in motion regularly, giving you the best operational choice for opening and closing your shutters. Much like a sliding door, the bypass system allows your shutters to slide past one another with the capability of keeping them in line with a top-track. This easy to use system is not only long lasting and durable for many years of use, they are also simple to operate, easily sliding from side to side when you need to adjust. Luckily, Bypass can be used with Heritance®, NewStyle®, and Palm Beach™ shutters to give you a convenient system despite which style you prefer.

Hinged Panels

With the most traditional operating system available for your plantation shutters, Hinged Panels create the definitive look for your window treatments without hassle or complication. You don’t have to fold your shutters or slide them with Hinged Panels, in fact, all you have to do is simply open them to one side or the other depending on whether you want to completely expose your windows or not. For example, much like opening a door, Hinged panels operate in the same fashion as the entire shutter opens for an unobstructed view or closes for complete coverage. This allows for the shutter to remain in one solid piece and preserves the natural beauty of the entire window treatment without folding your shutters in half or sliding them to cover one another. This makes for a perfect combination with any Hunter Douglas shutter, however, it especially works well with the natural real hardwoods of Heritance® shutters, which allows for their untouched beauty to be presented as a whole. An optional solid T-post frame in the middle helps Hinged Panels operate effectively, holding your shutters tightly in place when closed. This is a clear choice for those wanting to keep their plantation shutters traditional with a modern touch. Hinges can be placed on the top, bottom or either side for even more options.

Bi-Fold Track

For the perfect combination of style and simplicity, the Bi-Fold Track is the most modern and fashionable way to open your plantation shutters with ease. With up to 6 panels hinged together, this system can easily fold your shutters to the side while they close together in order for your windows to open. For example, when you think about opening a hinged door that folds open and pushes together to close completely, this is the same effect that the Bi-Fold Track will have for your plantation shutters by placing them smoothly together side by side when opened completely. These panels can also be connected to a top-track which will give them more guidance when operating as well as an easier method for keeping them in place while adjusting. While it may seem overwhelming to choose which operating system will best benefit your home and personal tastes, the professional staff of Custom Window Décor of Jupiter can help narrow down your decision. Serving North Palm Beach County including Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach and Singer Island, Custom Window Décor of Jupiter is ready to help install your new plantation shutters with the best system for you. Contact them today for more information.