How To Clean Plantation Shutters

You chose to install plantation shutters in order to add a sense of elegance and natural beauty to your windows. Plantation Shutters are great additions to any home or office and keeping them looking their best is easy with a few tips from your window treatment experts at Custom Window Décor of Jupiter. You can maintain a perfect and clean atmosphere in your home today by following a few simple steps.

Real Wood Shutters

Plantation Shutters made of genuine hardwood like our Hunter Douglas Heritance®, are undeniably beautiful with natural wood grains that bring out various tones in the color of each individual piece of wood. To maintain their beauty it is recommended that you start simple with a vacuum on a low setting and a soft brush attachment before any extensive cleaning takes place. The soft brush allows you to easily vacuum over each piece of wood without scratching, using a compressed can of air is also acceptable in place of vacuuming as well, considering it will simply blow away any dirt or dust that is in place. Once you have removed the dust, you can wipe down your shutters with a clean, dry soft cloth or feather duster. The key is to slightly wipe down your slats without using a material that is too coarse or a rag that is wet, as both could potentially harm the surface. It is also good to note that harsh cleaning chemicals should never be used when cleaning real wood plantation shutters, as they have the potential to discolor and ruin the product. Repeating this cleaning method every few weeks is recommended as a safe and easy process for maintaining clean wood shutters. Also note when cleaning your windows, avoid spraying window cleaner on your window treatments as this could leave spots.

Faux Wood Shutters

While faux wood shutters, or those constructed of man-made materials and designed to appear like real wood, seem to withstand a harsher cleaning than actual wood, it’s still important to remember that they are not resistant to certain cleaning methods. Before cleaning your faux wood blinds, such as NewStyle® and Palm Beach™, consider using the same technique as you would for real wood. A light vacuuming with a soft brush is still an effective way to properly remove dust first, as is compressed air. Most plantation shutters made from faux wood can withstand water, steam, and even extreme temperatures, allowing you to simply wipe these treatments with water or soapy water without the worry of spotting or warping. This allows you to capture all the dust vacuuming may leave behind. This resilience makes faux wood perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture is typically present and where cleaning tends to be more frequent in these highly used areas. While faux wood is resistant to staining, it is still recommended to never use harsh cleaning chemicals even on this particular shutter, and before using a damp cloth or a solution of light soap and water, be sure to test a small and non-visible area in case the treatment does react to the mixture. To prevent a vast amount of dust build-up in between cleanings, you can wipe your faux wood shutters with a dryer sheet after you’ve thoroughly cleaned them, in order to help repel any additional dust in the future. It’s very important to remember that when cleaning the PalmBeach™ line of polysatin shutters that you never use any type of products that contain ammonia as to prevent any permanent damage to the treatments. Remember the best guide for cleaning your plantation shutters is to always check the manufacturers website for recommended instructions and to follow them accordingly.

For more information on the care and cleaning of your plantation shutters let the professionally trained staff at Custom Window Decor help you. We proudly serve Florida’s North Palm Beach County including Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach and Singer Island. Pleasecontact us, and let us know how we can help you.