PowerView™ Motorization: Smart Automation

In 2015 and 2016, PowerView motorization by Hunter Douglas won awards for its innovation in design. Here’s why:

PowerView Window Motorization is Unique

Unlike other motorized window treatments from other manufacturers, PowerView can be used in many different ways.

PowerView Pebble Remote Control – The most basic way to operate your window treatments, this remote allows you to program six different combinations of blinds, shades or sheers to move at the same time. A grouping is moved by pushing a numbered button, then an open, close, or tilt button.

PowerView Pebble Scene Controller – This controller is a step up from the Pebble Remote Control. Using the PowerView App, you can program several “scenes” into the remote based on certain times of day, certain activities, or certain days of the week. For example, you could create a “watch TV” scene, which automatically completely closes the motorized blinds in your family room to avoid glare on the screen. Or you could have a “good morning” scene that raises your motorized shades partway to let in some natural light but not blind you with the sun.

Wall-mounted Control – If you can’t stand the thought of one more remote laying around, or if your remotes tend to walk off or get lost, you can enjoy the same features of the remotes above in a wall-mounted control.

Whole Home Automation – Some homes are already wired for automation, and PowerView easily integrates with several of the most popular whole-house systems. Now your window treatments can be perfectly timed with the rest of the automated devices in your home.

PowerView on Your Mobile Device – With the PowerView App, you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a remote for your smart blinds. The app allows you to program different scenes, operate window treatments individually, or set them to open and close automatically based on the sun’s movements. You can even adjust your blinds or shades when you aren’t home, all you need is a wi-fi connection. This is perfect for those times when you forget to open or close them before you leave, or when you’re out of town for work or on vacation.

PowerView Motorized Window Treatments Are Easy to Install and Maintain

With PowerView, you don’t have to worry about messing up your walls by running additional wiring or having exposed cords hanging from your windows. PowerView systems are battery-operated, so no wiring is necessary. They are installed like a traditional window treatment and the motor is small enough to remain hidden behind a headrail or valance.

Changing the batteries in your motorized window treatments is easy since they run on AA batteries conveniently located in an accessible battery wand. Alkaline batteries are recommended for most window treatments with the exception of a couple honeycomb shade options for skylights. And most blinds and shades can be operated for more than a year before the batteries need to be changed.

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