Top treatments for window, available at Custom Window Decor in Jupiter, FL
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Top Off Your Windows In Style

Add color and softness to your rooms with top treatments in a variety of shapes and fabrics. Our selection includes cornices, valances and swags.

Originally created to cover window treatment hardware, top treatments are now used to visually complement any room’s décor and windows. Treatments like valances are used to unite doors and windows of different sizes and shapes.

The short valance usually hangs less than a foot down from the top of a window. For this type of valance, it is typically best to stick with a solid or a small print that will fit within the dimensions of the fabric comfortably. Longer valances are usually 12 – 16 inches long and can run straight across the window or can be made with longer sides, pointed tables or scalloped hems. This type of valance works best on larger windows and in rooms with high ceilings.

Cornices provide for a more tailored look than valances, they serve the same decorative purpose as valances in that they top windows and hide any hardware. Cornices are often constructed of wood and can be decorated with various moldings. They are then usually painted, stained or wallpapered.

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Top treatment with blinds, for sale at Custom Window Decor in Jupiter, FL
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Cornices can also be upholstered providing a softer look to the treatment. The wood structure is simply covered with a foam or batting and then covered with a decorative fabric that can be stapled over the structure. Pairing cornices with shades, draperies or blinds help to provide privacy and light control.

The fabric you select for your top window treatment is very important to consider. It determines the formality of the treatment. You need to determine if you are going for a more formal look or a more casual one. Lightweight, sheer material will flutter in the breeze while weightier material can add more substance to the window.

The style of your top treatment is also extremely important. If you are wanting a casual look or a more romantic one, a gathered style may be what you are looking for. Flat panels tend to look more classic and tailored. They also may appear neater and require less fabric to make. If you are using your treatments in a more formal area, the draped, swag or box pleated style are good choices.

You can use top treatments alone at the window or with other window coverings, such as blinds, shades and sheers. They are a great solution to conceal window treatment hardware.

Custom Window Decor in Jupiter, FL has a variety of top treatment choices available. Please contact us to get started with your project.